5K Syngenta Early Bird Run at BTME 2024

BTME Ripon Road entrance, Harrogate Convention Centre
6:30AM - 9:00AM, 24 Jan 2024

Get ready to run at BTME and you can raise money for the BIGGA Greenkeepers Benevolent Fund.

Everyone who takes part in the 5K Syngenta Early Bird Run at BTME on the Wednesday morning will earn £10 from Syngenta for the fund - along with a fantastic warm hat to add to the Hicure Run Club kit provided in previous years.

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The Greenkeepers' Benevolent Fund provides invaluable support for those in financial need.

At BTME '23 runners raised over £900 from Syngenta, which we're looking to beat and raise up to £1,000 in 2024.

Intended to encourage everybody to benefit from the health enhancements and stress relief of regular exercise, especially through the dark winter months, the Syngenta Early Bird Run has become one of the main events at BTME.

BIGGA CEO Jim Croxton said: "I am grateful to Syngenta for continuing to support the BTME 5K Run in aid of our Greenkeepers' Benevolent Fund.

"The run provides a wonderful opportunity during an intense week to clear minds, gain fresh air and exercise and raise money for an excellent cause.

"It's always a joy to see so many people up early to enjoy the camaraderie of the run and we know that exercise, especially with other people, is an excellent method of combatting the stresses and strains of modern life."

If you're unable to be at BTME, there is still the chance to raise your contribution to the charity and get your Hicure Run Club beanie. Pre-register your name on the Syngenta Turf website and join the Hicure Run Club on Strava. Then run a 5K route at some time during the BTME event (20-25 January 2024). Your effort will automatically qualify for the £10 contribution.

Syngenta will donate £10 to the Greenkeepers Benevolent Fund for every registered runner participating in the 5K Early Bird Run at BTME or Hicure Run Club on Strava during the event. Donation limited to one payment per participant up to a maximum of £1,000 overall.


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