Headland Amenity Ltd

Headland Amenity Ltd

The withdrawal of some popular turf fungicides means it’s even more important to limit disease wherever possible. For the last ten years, Headland has carried out trials at the STRI to evaluate and design a proven approach to minimise disease using non-pesticidal products that enhance plant health. Alongside the proven ‘20-20-30‘ tank-mix, we will be introducing some new products to maximise plant health and limit susceptibility to turf disease.

As well as our focussed range of turf fertilisers, key industry brands such as TriCure, Cabadex, Clipless and Elevate will feature prominently alongside other existing turf management products and some exciting NEW ideas. Headland staff will be on hand to discuss all aspects of turf maintenance and offer solutions to help improve quality. At the very least, go away with the latest rainfall and disease recording wall planner absolutely free!

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Web: www.headlandamenity.com

Exhibiting: Red - North, Stand 272