Rain Bird

Rain Bird Europe

Rain Bird will exhibit a comprehensive range of world-leading golf and sports turf irrigation products engineered with Timeless Compatibility™, enabling irrigation systems to be updated or changed without existing equipment becoming obsolete. Committed to ‘The Intelligent Use of Water™, Rain Bird‘s quality, leading-edge products including rotors, field controllers, map-based and mobile central control systems, decoders, swing joints, filtration systems, valves and irrigation accessories.

Visit Rain Bird to find out what’s new in 2021 and to learn how the Rain Bird IC™ Central Control system can manage your irrigation intelligently, in real time, using software that continuously monitors and automatically optimises performance, saving money, staff time and water.

Tel: 07976 638 859
Web: https://www.rainbird.com/golf

Tel: 07976 638 859

Web: www.rainbird.com/golf

Exhibiting: Blue, Stand 132