Why should you attend Continue to Learn?

BTME and Continue to Learn 2023

If you look at the business pages of the news these days, you get the impression that there's not much to be positive about. The UK is on the verge of recession, there's a cost of living crisis and we're all being squeezed for every penny we earn.

At times like this it is vital that you build your own resilience, both professionally and personally. Greater resilience means giving yourself the tools to adapt and overcome any difficult situations you find yourself in. The only way to do this is to invest time and effort into developing your professional abilities, so you are well prepared for the challenges ahead.

If you're a greenkeeper, the best place to do this is at BTME, taking place in January 2024 at the Harrogate Convention Centre in North Yorkshire.

Join us in January and you'll rub shoulders with more than 5,000 fellow greenkeepers and sports turf professionals, industry experts and innovative companies who are all working together to build a stronger, more resilient profession.

Inform, innovate, inspire - that's the BIGGA way.

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