Continue to Learn

Continue to Learn 2025

19-22 January 2024 - Harrogate Convention Centre

Continue to Learn


Continue to Learn is BIGGA's world-renowned education conference, providing the equivalent of two hours-worth of education for every golf club in the country. That makes it among the most influential and important annual events in the golf and greenkeeping calendar - and we hope to see you there.

This year's programme is divided into three parts: Conference, Classes and Seminars.

There will be more information below to help you select the professional learning opportunities that will best support you, your team and your golf club.

If you'd like to learn more about how Continue to Learn can help you achieve your ambitions, check out our Justifcation to Attend section.

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What's on at Continue to Learn?


The Conference will feature a wide choice of sessions over two days followed by a half day Young Greenkeepers Conference for young greenkeepers and those who are new to the

Each day of the conference will kick off with a general session before splitting into two distinct programmes. At the end of the day we'll bring everyone back together for a key final session.

You can purchase one or two-day tickets for the Conference and discounts are available for individual teams.

Throughout the Conference there will also be sessions relating to The R&A's Golf Course 2030 roadmap, with updates provided on the progress of related projects.




Classes are what you may previously have known as workshops, focus on sessions and career development sessions.

They may be half a day, a full day or even two days in duration, but they are learning opportunities based around a specific area of knowledge that you would like to improve upon.

Topics include: irrigation; renovation; strategic planning; cutting units; managing stress; managing teams; water efficiency; drought management; conflict resolution; recruitment; supervisory skills; fertiliser plans; mathematics; turf machinery maintenance; soil analysis; reading trial data; tree surveying; building a budget; positive thinking; identifying grass species; drainage; motivation; utilising data; personality profiling; health & safety; team building and many more.




Taking place in the Harrogate Convention Centre's Seminar Theatre in Hall 4, these sessions will be an opportunity to gain knowledge without leaving the exhibition floor.

The free-to-attend seminars will be hosted by exhibitors at BTME and headphones will be provided to all attendees so you don't miss anything.



Discounts are on offer and Turf Rewards from ICL and Syngenta can be used to book the education of your choice.

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We look forward to welcoming you back to Continue to Learn, BTME and Harrogate in 2025

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