Bio-control fungicide: The future of disease management

11:00AM - 11:45AM, 24 Jan 2024

How we manage and control fungal disease on golf greens has changed dramatically over the last decade. As tighter regulation around fungicide continues to challenge management practices, we must now look towards more sustainable methods of disease control including bio-control fungicide. In this seminar, Envu’s Phil Logan will take a deep dive into bio-control fungicides. With the first registered bio-control fungicide coming to the market in 2023, it is more important than ever that we all understand this new technology. The demands of modern golf continue to rise as tools at our disposal are taken away and this seminar will explain how bio-control fungicides will shape the future of turfgrass management.

Learning outcomes

  • Regulations affecting plant protection products in the UK and EU
  • Why alternative approaches to disease management are important
  • Understand the mode of action of bio-control fungicide
  • Expectations of bio-control fungicide
  • Integrated disease management using bio-controls for reduced reliance on conventional fungicides

Presented by:

Phil Logan.png
Phil Logan

National accounts manager - UK & Ireland Envu



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