Intermediate Excel - tips and tricks

1:15PM - 4:30PM, 23 Mar 2022

Intermediate Excel – tips and tricks

Time:                  1.15 - 4.30pm

CPD Value:        3 Credits

Cost:                   Member £65 + VAT | Non Member £130 + VAT

Use the magic of Excel to transform your spreadsheets! Discover tips and tricks while learning about features to use spreadsheets more efficiently and improve the presentation of your data.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create multi‑page spreadsheets and write formulae to link sheets
  • Sort, filter and summarise data
  • Use the Format Painter for consistent formatting
  • Use Conditional Formatting to highlight data

Presented by: Gail Webster, XLAddict Ltd

Gail Webster.png
Gail Webster

Director XLAddict Ltd

I’m an Excel addict and enjoy delivering training courses and developing spreadsheets.


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