Mathematics for modern greenkeeping

9:00AM - 5:00PM, 21 Mar 2022

Mathematics for modern greenkeeping

Time:                  9am ‑ 5pm

CPD Value:        6 Credits

Cost:                   Member £125 + VAT | Non Member £250 + VAT

This One day class will provide you with an interactive look at where mathematics comes in to use in greenkeeping. From working out areas, volumes, weights and costs, to ordering, depreciation, VAT and percentages. You will learn how to use numbers in day to day work and how to use them to help justify a decision. A fun and interactive day of learning, discussions, exercises and sharing of experiences.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Accurately work out areas, weights and volumes
  • Work out real fertiliser cost and nutrient applications
  • Understand and calculate asset depreciation
  • Confidently work out percentage increases/decreases
  • Understand bulk density and specific gravity

Presented by: Les Howkins MG, Course Manager, The Richmond Golf Club

Les Howkins MG.jpg
Les Howkins MG

Course Manager The Richmond Golf Club

Les Howkins is Course Manager at The Richmond Golf Club in Surrey. He has over 30 years experience in the greenkeeping industry and is a past Chairman of BIGGA. He achieved his Master Greenkeeper Certificate in 2004. Les is a regular presenter on the Continue to Learn programme and creator of the workshop ‘Mathematics for Modern Greenkeeping’.


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