Picking your programme - tailoring soil biology to meet your needs

Kings Suite Stage (KS)
3:00PM - 3:45PM, 22 Mar 2022

Picking your programme ‑ tailoring soil biology to meet your needs

3 ‑ 3.45pm

Greenkeepers and golfers alike are starting to recognise the need for a more sustainable approach to managing turf. Incorporating biological products into your management programme can be a good technique but where do you start? There are an increasing number of products to choose from, but how do you understand what the product does and which ones will work for you? This seminar will look at the different types of biological solutions on the market, demystify some of the terminology and investigate some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding these biological products; it will also offer suggestions of ways you can start to include biological solutions into your management programme.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify differences between biological products
  • Recognise biological terminology
  • Determine suitable biological solutions

Presented by: Dr Deidre Charleston, Research and Technical Manager, Symbio

Deidre Charleston.png
Dr Deidre Charlston

Research and Technical manager Symbio

Deidre is passionate about investigating sustainable techniques to manage pests and diseases, her role at Symbio takes her back to her roots and provides an opportunity to view things from a different perspective, under the ground! Deidre completed a PhD in insect-plant interactions at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She spent the first 11 years of her career working in Africa, and the past 14 years working in the UK in R&D and education. She has experience working in soil biology, entomology, plant pathology and the management of research trials. Her career path has included researching biological control techniques in Africa, managing field trials at Microspore and Arysta Life Science. At the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, she was responsible for managing the research station in the UK and running an extensive field trials program. Working with Symbio has allowed her to enter the fascinating world of soil biology and investigate opportunities to provide sustainable solutions to the issues that turf managers face.


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