Research matters: an overview and update on research projects

11:00AM - 11:45AM, 26 Jan 2022

Research matters: an overview and update on research projects

11 ‑ 11.45am

An opportunity to get the headlines from four university‑based fundamental turf research projects being managed by ICL. There will be a focus on presenting the key results and practical outcomes on the subjects of managing plant parasitic nematodes with seaweed extracts, utilising recycled nutrients, contrasting the plant and soil health benefits of organo‑mineral fertilisers and the very latest science on wetting agents and plant water uptake.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Characteristics of good quality research and why it is so important to the turf industry
  • How seaweed extracts can be utilised to manage plant parasitic nematodes in turf
  • Contrast turf response to organo‑mineral fertilisers with mineral and organic versions
  • The added value of utilising recycled nutrients within a fertiliser programme
  • How wetting agents work to aid water and nutrient uptake in sports turf rootzones

Presented by: Dr Andy Owen, International Technical Manager and Henry Bechelet, Technical Manager, ICL


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