Soil analysis - what lies beneath?

1:00PM - 1:45PM, 23 Dec 2021

Soil analysis ‑ what lies beneath?

1 ‑ 1.45pm

This seminar will provide a deeper look into soil as a chemical, physical and biological system, with one eye on the future regarding legislation and restrictions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Overview of data from UK amenity soil samples
  • Limitations of physical capacity of soils ‑ CEC, texture, carbon
  • A better understanding of soil as a chemical/physical/biological system
  • What are we managing well ‑ pH, macronutrients (to a degree)
  • What is under less control and implications ‑ micronutrients in particular
  • One eye on the future and lessons from agriculture regarding legislation and restrictions

Presented by: Jonathan Telfer, Business Manager, Yara UK Analytical Services (Lancrop Laboratories) on behalf of Agrovista Amenity

Jonathan Telfer.png
Jonathan Telfer

Business Manager Yara UK Analytical Services (Lancrop Laboratories) on behalf of Agrovista Amenity

Jon graduated as an archaeologist from Bradford University in 1993 but after several years of digging in the soil looking for treasures he found a new way to keep his hands dirty by joining crop nutrition specialists Phosyn, subsequently acquired by Yara UK,  as a soil analysis technician.

Having learned every possible procedure in the lab, Jon spent 8 years as the Laboratory Manager leading the modernisation of the analytical facilities; transforming the lab from one processing a hundred samples per day to its present incarnation handling thousands of samples from all over the world very day.

Over the last few years he has taken on a Business Development role, acting as a technical and commercial intermediary between the lab and its growing global customer base. More recently, Jon has overseen the introduction of various laboratory based soil health tests to satisfy the growing demand for more holistic soil analysis covering not only the chemical but also the physical and biological aspects of soil health.



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