Soil analysis - what lies beneath?

1:00PM - 1:45PM, 26 Jan 2022

Soil analysis ‑ what lies beneath?

1 ‑ 1.45pm

This seminar will provide a deeper look into soil as a chemical, physical and biological system, with one eye on the future regarding legislation and restrictions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Overview of data from UK amenity soil samples
  • Limitations of physical capacity of soils ‑ CEC, texture, carbon
  • A better understanding of soil as a chemical/physical/biological system
  • What are we managing well ‑ pH, macronutrients (to a degree)
  • What is under less control and implications ‑ micronutrients in particular
  • One eye on the future and lessons from agriculture regarding legislation and restrictions

Presented by: Jonathan Telfer, Business Manager, Yara UK Analytical Services (Lancrop Laboratories) on behalf of Agrovista Amenity


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