The water crisis: How will you and your turf survive?

4:00PM - 4:45PM, 23 Jan 2024

Drought, access to water resources and water conservation are all issues being faced across Europe. While constraints on water for irrigation are common in arid regions of southern Europe, recent droughts in the United Kingdom have made turf managers aware of the necessity of water management practices to optimise irrigation and conserve resources. A project between European researchers and industry commenced in 2023 to examine how surfactants may influence irrigation inputs and performance of fairway turfgrass. Scott Nightingale and Nick Gadd will share findings from real-world studies that illustrate how a surfactant can influence soil water content, turf productivity and performance under drought conditions.

Learning outcomes:

  • An understanding of Europe’s water crisis
  • Learn about BMPs and have a clear vision of their use
  • How to optimise irrigation water and conserve resources
  • How surfactants can influence soil volumetric water content and relate this to turf performance under drought stress conditions
  • Gain an insight into modes of action in the rhizosphere

Presented by:

Scott Nightingale.png
Scott Nightingale

Business Development Manager TurfCare

Scott has been working in the industry for some 30 years now and has amassed a range of skills through his positions as Head Greenkeeper, Course Manager and Grow-in Manager. He qualified as an NVQ Assessor in 2009 and spent some time educating learners in sports turf management and horticulture. Scott has spent the last 5 years working for TurfCare out on the road visiting clients and liaising with governing bodies throughout the UK and Europe. He is passionate about creating a sustainable future for turf management through plant health practices and utilising the most modern and researched technologies available in the marketplace.
Nick Gadd.png
Nick Gadd



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