Understanding measured variables and making the best decisions

1:00PM - 1:45PM, 23 Jan 2024

This seminar will focus on the key variables that drive decisions for turfgrass conditioning and what they mean for water, fertiliser, pest management and cultural practices that are designed to improve the experience of golfers while maintaining an environmentally sustainable property. Recent research and publications will be explained to help attendees understand the science and art behind monitoring and using measured information most effectively for their success.

Learning outcomes:

  • Key influencing factors from the turf and soil
  • Key influencing factors from micro and macro course climates
  • Key physiological processes in turf and how variables influence them
  • How physiological processes impact the experience of the golfer
  • How to monitor turfgrass most effectively and use appropriate information
  • How to visually associate measured analysis with key challenges in performance

Presented by:

Carmen Magro.png
Carmen Magro

President, PhD Candidate POGO TurfPro

Carmen has 28 years experience in the Turfgrass industry, becoming Certified with the GCSAA as CGCS in 1999 as a Golf Course Superintendent in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA, later becoming Director of the Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program at Penn State University and establishing standards in monitoring practices for turfgrass using various sensor projects and applications in turf and agriculture, establishing an international consultancy company Agronomy Management Solutions in 2009, earning his MBA in Agricultural project management in 2010, creating the POGO TurfPro platform in 2013 while working with the academic community around the globe, entering PhD studies in 2019 in collaboration with the University of Padua in Italy and Dr. Mike Fidanza with Penn State University, and elevating to managing director of the POGO monitoring and mapping platform on a global basis.

Carmen continues his application of science and practical use of monitoring technology for best management practices in turfgrass for water, fertilization, cultural practices and event logging and mapping. He is expected to graduate with this PhD credentials summer 2023.



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