Water efficiency: making every drop count

9:30AM - 1:00PM, 20 Mar 2022

Water efficiency: making every drop count, save water and save money!

Time:                  9.30am ‑ 1pm

CPD Value:        3 Credits

Cost:                   Member £65 + VAT | Non Member £130 + VAT

By reducing golf clubs’ mains/Environment Agency abstraction permit water use and associated wastewater discharged to mains sewers, can significantly reduce golf clubs’ water and sewerage charges, chemical and energy costs.

Every drop of water used to irrigate golf courses for washing down and for clubhouse use, costs money. Therefore, simple cost‑effective water efficiency measures could not only have a big impact on golf clubs’ future water security but also club finances.

The half day golf water efficiency management planning class offers practical advice on how to develop a cost‑effective water efficiency action plan, to help the golf sector make every drop count, save water, save money and help golf clubs’ prepare for a water-poor future.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognise the threats to golf of not undertaking water efficiency measures
  • Identify areas on a golf course and in the clubhouse that would benefit from water efficiency measures
  • Carry out a light touch golf club water efficiency audit
  • How failure to undertake regular water efficiency checks can affect golf clubs’ water security, resilience and growth
  • Develop a smart golf club water efficiency action plan
  • Explain how a smart water efficiency management plan underpins golf clubs’ future growth and sustainability

Presented by: Junier Browne MBE, Environmental Consultant, JBEL Environmental Services Ltd

Junier Browne.png
Junier Browne MBE

Environmental Consultant JBEL Environmental Services Ltd

With a career spanning more than three decades, in the Environment Agency (EA), National Rivers Authority and Yorkshire Water, Junier Browne MBE was the EA’s water resource management specialist, leading on drought, water resources planning/security, permitting, compliance, and appeals - before leaving the EA, in 2016, to form the independent consultancy, www.jbelconsulting.co.uk, providing professional services to the water industry and golf sector. Junier is a Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) accredited verifier and has undertaken commissions for several golf clubs, GCMA and BIGGA. Junier is also a regular contributor to Continue to Learn BTME Conferences.


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