Butyl Products Ltd
Butyl Products Limited, founded in 1965, which specialises in the design, development, manufacture, and installation of a range of liquid containment products, have two distinct specialised divisions Butek Tanks and Butek Landline which were created allow us to meet our customers specific requirements. 

The Butek Tanks division is responsible for the supply and installation of large liquid storage tanks and bladders, drinking water, wastewater, slurry and chemical storage, with sizes available up to 5 million litres and 40 meters in diameter. The Butek Landline division manages the manufacture and installation of geomembranes for reservoirs, lagoon linings and slurry lining solutions, with a range of material options to suit our customers bespoke requirements.

We offer support and technical services for UK tank enquiries to enable our customers to purchase a bulk liquid storage system to meet their requirements for a variety of applications, direct from the manufacturer. Our team of technical advisors are on hand to provide information to enable you to choose the correct tank for your application and further advise on the available size, material, fittings and installation options.



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