The INFINICUT® range has undeniably proven its credentials with greenkeepers and groundsmen, seeing it become the workstyle choice at leading sporting facilities worldwide. Available in 22”, 26”, 30” and 34” widths, and with a fixed (FX) or floating head (FL), the INFINICUT® cylinder mower features industry-leading cut quality, lithium battery power and CAN bus protocol, making it the world’s first professional Bluetooth mower range - enabling wireless interfacing via the InfiniApp. Extending the INFINICUT® concept is the SM34 Rotary Mower, which delivers millimetre precision adjustment and strong vacuum performance for powerful debris removal and an immaculate finish. 

The INFINICUT® can also be transformed into a multi-use maintenance unit via the TMSYSTEM™. Suitable for all golf and sports turf surfaces, the TMSYSTEM™ features 11 cassettes for grooming and various turf maintenance activities. 


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