LFP Sustainable Turf Solutions/Biodiversity Land & Leisure
A joint venture between Green Earth Developments Group a specialist ethical development company and Landfill Projects a specialist environmental and engineering company. We bring a purpose driven team with over 100 years of cumulative experience in development, environmental, engineering, and earthworks projects.

Established to facilitate landowners and stakeholders in using their existing natural capital resources for environmental and financial betterment. Providing a platform to attract the next generation of members. Specifically, Biodiversity Land & Leisure specialises in advising sports and leisure facilities across the UK on suitable Biodiversity enhancement and landscaping projects. Working with a number of leading golf courses using their existing land assets to create additional income streams and where possible, delivering the R&A 2030 Golf Course Project objectives. 

LFP Sustainable Turf Solutions is delighted to be working with Industry specialists providing fine turf applications to several of the finest golf courses in England. Continually seeking creativity and progress by investing in the latest technology. Working with the STRI in developing VGR Topchanger processes to reduce green maintenance requirements whilst increasing the quality of soils through the deep penetration and injection of sand and water to assist with moisture control, reducing stresses of grasses and removal of thatch. 


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