GKB Machines
GKB Machines is part of the GKB Group. Since 1985, GKB Machines has operated as a separate division – developing innovative machinery solutions for the maintenance of natural, hybrid and synthetic surfaces. 

Using our knowledge of contracting, we have developed a comprehensive range of reliable and robust machines, built with the customer and their needs in mind. These machines are engineered in our energy-neutral factory in The Netherlands. 

Within our portfolio are machines suited to all types of turf and all environments – from sports pitches to golf courses, cricket surfaces, schools and groundsworks. For greenkeepers, whether its aeration, scarification, overseeding or topdressing on the agenda, GKB has the solutions to get the task completed efficiently and effectively. 

A particular highlight for golf is the GKB Sandfiller. The Sandfiller is designed to tackle the problem of surface drainage and aeration on sports turf and golf courses, especially on greens. The true multi-tasker, the Sandfiller scarifies and simultaneously backfills with sand, or a combination of sand or seed, in a single pass. Delivering the perfect conditions for excellent root growth and optimal plant health, the Sandfiller can be operated by one person, where other similar methods require multiple people.


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